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Ice Cream: $1.99-$2.49. Costco has two ice cream options: the plain cup of vanilla ($1.99) and a choice between a chocolate or strawberry sundae ($2.49). Redditors point out that there's plenty of.

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Is the Costco food court becoming a members-only club? Or will only some locations bar the public from buying a cheap slice of pizza or $1.50 hot dog and soda combo without proof of membership?

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An even bigger change will likely have an effect on the length of food court lines. Starting in April 2024, Costco will begin requiring proof of membership in order to access its food court. The company has always followed a club-structured business model that charges a yearly fee. In the past, members only had to show their membership cards.

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Costco's quarter-pound hot dog could be the food court's claim to fame. Not just for its juicy taste but for the endless discussion of its price tag. The hot dog and unlimited soda combo has been.

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Costco wasn't always so strict about non-members using its food courts. And letting non-members eat at the food court had the potential to benefit Costco, since it was an easy way to get potential.

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The policy itself isn't exactly new โ€” Costco's food court is intended for paying members โ€” though it hasn't always been enforced at Costco locations where the food courts can be accessed.

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Now, Costco is turning its sights on keeping non-members out of its beloved food courts, allowing only those who pay an annual membership fee to enjoy the classic $1.50 hot dog combo.

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According to Business Insider in 2018, Costco founder Jim Sinegal harshly defended the Kirkland hot dog combo price, which has remained at $1.50 since the food court began back in 1985. Although the price of this iconic combo remains, Costco is now putting its foot down about who has access to its food court offerings.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie, $2.49: The oversize cookie comes warm and is big enough to share if you're feeling generous. It replaced the churro on the menu in January 2024. It's a delicious treat but be sure to grab some extra napkins for the gooey chocolate! Cold Brew Mocha Freeze, $2.99: If you need a caffeine fix, the mocha freeze combines cold.

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According to trusted Instagram source, @CostcoDeals, in the next few weeks, the warehouse club is rolling out a new rule that will require customers to have an active Costco membership in order to purchase food court items โ€” even if the food court is located outside the store.The rumor was confirmed by Costco employees and customers in the comments on the post, noting that the roll-out date.

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Food court kiosk is located at an outdoor foodcourt at an unknown Costco Warehouse in Torrance, California. Context:Some food courts require (and have required) a Costco Membership to be scanned to order food from the food court.

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Just a few days ago, a Reddit user posted a photo of an ominous sign spotted at a Costco in Orlando. The announcement warned food court patrons that they would soon need a membership card to make.

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10 Things to Know About the Costco Food Court. Operating hours vary. The food court is open 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Hours may vary by location. Have your credit card handy.

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Costco is starting to kick non-members out of the food court Flash that Costco membership card if you want the $1.50 hot dog combo. By. Angela L. Pagรกn / The Takeout. Published 13 hours ago.

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Costco Food Court 101. C ostco members are loyal. At the end of the 2023 fiscal year, 92.7% of customers renewed their memberships. Part of what keeps consumers coming back โ€” despite the hellish.

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Richard Galanti and the $1.50 combo have both been with Costco since 1985.. Worth the Money Is Costco's $120 Executive membership. long-tenured executive addressed the Costco food court's.